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New Research Reveals How to Incinerate Fat and Sculpt Lean Muscle... Just by Thinking About it!


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I know it sounds impossible - even ridiculous! But hear me out, the truth might just surprise you...

According to modern sports psychologists, EVERYONE of us keeps a mental picture of what our “ideal body” -- our ideal self looks like in our minds.

THE ONLY PROBLEM IS for the vast majority, the reality rarely matches up with what’s in their mind’s eye, does it?

There’s a gap... sometimes A RATHER LARGE GAP.

And as we age the gap gets even larger.

Imagine if the front tires of your car were both facing in different directions. One wants to go right while the other wants to go left.

No matter how much you gun the engine, you’re not going anywhere!

It’s exactly like that with your body. You want to be fit, lean and sexy and may even be working on it...

but if your mind and body aren’t in exact alignment...

Now, here’s YOUR OPPORTUNITY to discover how to easily align “the outside with the inside” for extraordinary results faster than you ever thought possible.

We're Tom & Dawn Terwilliger

As #1 bestselling authors, motivational speakers, and recognized as two of the world’s top fitness professionals and “Mind Body” Experts…

(and, we've been married for over 22 years!)

We know exactly how to align mind AND body for extraordinary results.

We live it every day, which is why in our 40s and 50s we’re still fierce fitness competitors, models, and sought after performance coaches to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

I’ve competed and won, at the highest levels of physique competition, including twice in the Superbowl of bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia competition.

Not to mention winning the coveted Mr. America title.

I've also had the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Regis Philbin, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Gregory Hines, and Howard Stern.

For the past 25 years, my wife, Dawn has been a fitness model and competitor. She’s also an Exercise Physiologist and Psychological Kinesiologist and an in-demand certified personal trainer and coach to celebrities, models, professional golfers, and movie stars.

Together, we’ve been featured in DOZENS of fitness books, infomercials, magazines and videos, hosted TV shows on Fox Sports Net and ESPN...

Most importantly we’ve helped THOUSANDS of committed women and men just like you, produce EXTRAORDINARY results in their lives and with their bodies.

All that being said, the truth is at 45 and 59 years young, we have the same struggles you have.

We face the same mental and physical challenges you do.

In fact - there was a time not all that long ago that my “Mindset” was so far from fit and healthy that I thought I would never, ever be able to change it...

WE DID... and so can you.

The real difference is our MINDSET.

We can tell you without hesitation, from both experience and sports science evidence:


...Especially Over Age 40!

I’ll give you THE SECRET few fully appreciate...

Call it mind over matter, call it “unconscious navigation,” call it magic, or call it whatever you want.

But the fact is, your mind is the
most powerful “muscle” you possess.

We’ve discovered how to maximize it... to move you towards the body of your dreams.

With the right mindset, you can reduce your time and effort and MULTIPLY your results. Be it fitness, body sculpting, weight loss, or super abundant energy and health.

And today, we’re not only going to prove it, we’re going to give you THE MINDSET STRATEGY that makes it all work when it comes to melting fat and building lean muscle.

Burning Ugly Unwanted Fat
+ Sculpting Lean Sexy Muscle

About ten years ago, as a result of doing extensive research on mindset and motivation, We tripped across a fascinating new study. One that would go on to TOTALLY TRANSFORM our lives--as well as the lives (and bodies) of thousands of our clients.

Here’s the crux of this intriguing Harvard University double-blind study:

84 Female room attendants (maids), working in seven different hotels, were brought together for something that had never been done before.

The study’s goal?

To CONCLUSIVELY identify “the relationship between exercise, health... and your mindset.”

In other words, the study’s goal was to uncover whether your mind alone could MEASURABLY INCREASE your body’s health and fitness... and the overall effectiveness of physical activity.

The room attendants were rigorously measured on several physiological health variables affected by exercise.

Here was the key:

Those room attendants in the “informed condition” group were told “cleaning hotel rooms was good exercise and satisfied even exceeded the Surgeon General’s recommendations for an active lifestyle.”

They were provided with examples of how their work was indeed exercise.

Now, the subjects in the “control group?” They were not given ANY of this critical information.

The unexpected outcome of the study?

You’re going to be astonished. (Just like we were.)

Although their actual behavior or level of activity did not change, JUST FOUR WEEKS after the MINDSET intervention, the informed group perceived themselves to be getting SIGNIFICANTLY MORE exercise than before.

How could that be?

And get this: Their results were INDEPENDENT OF THEIR ACTUAL EXERCISE.

Stated differently, they were getting
fitter, slimmer and healthier JUST BY

Wow! Given our experience in fitness and physique competitions and whole health peak performance, we always knew in the back of our minds this “Mindset” thing was true. Now we had more proof.

But it couldn’t possibly be this simple... could it?

Could just having “the right mindset” help you achieve the fat loss, fitness and health goals you’ve always wanted?

And if so, what’s “the exact mindset” these room attendant’s had that made such a radical difference?

Automatically Adjusts Your Body
to What’s in Your Mind’s Eye...


What the informed group of room attendants experienced was akin to the classic placebo effect...
(but, with a twist!)

In their minds, they had linked up the idea that the effort they put into their job directly improved their health, ability to lose weight and their level of fitness. And less than four weeks later, as if by magic.

  • They were THINNER
  • Their BLOOD PRESSURE was lower
  • Their overall BODY MASS INDEX has decreased

This was no accident. This was “the power of the mind” in action!

This disarmingly simple idea ROCKED our worlds and had confirmed, like nothing else, what we’ve known all along. Of course we were familiar with the placebo effect -- but NEVER like this... not in this context.

The therapeutic benefits of altered beliefs (aka placebos) are so widely accepted that accounting for their influence has become ESSENTIAL in clinical drug trials.

Now, Let Us Prove It To You...

In a meta-analysis of 2,318 rigorous clinical drug trials for antidepressant medications...

…more than half (50.97%) of the antidepressants’ results were attributed solely to the power of the mind – the placebo effect.

Here’s where we started to get really excited.

This simple mindset shift and its extraordinary effects extend MUCH FURTHER than just medications and therapy.

For instance...

  • ● Subjects exposed to FAKE POISON IVY developed real rashes.
  • ● People drinking “placebo caffeine” experienced increased motor performance and heart rate consistent with the subjects’ beliefs.
  • ● Patients given anesthesia and a fake knee operation experienced reduced pain and swelling in their ‘‘healed’’ tendons and ligaments.

This powerful psychological effect doesn’t need to involve fake pills or sham procedures; Symbols, beliefs, and expectations can also unleash untold physiological results.

For example:

  • ● Athletes convinced they were lifting less weight than was actually on the bar were able to exceed their personal best by as much as 20%.
  • ● In a visual acuity test researchers took advantage of the mindset primed by the traditional eye chart: Because letters get progressively smaller on successive lines, people expect that they will be able to read the first few lines only. When participants viewed a reversed chart, they were able to see letters they could not see before.

Try it for yourself and see! It works!!

Hack the mind and your body will follow...

With the right focused intention, you can "Mind Hack" the power of altered beliefs into achieving your fat loss and fitness goals...

You can SELF-INDUCE the power of this MIND HACK to help
you lose weight and sculpt lean muscle!

There is a perfected simple, yet effective, technique
that has proven results...

We're Tom & Dawn Terwilliger

As #1 bestselling authors, motivational speakers, and recognized as two of the world’s top fitness professional and “Mind Body” Experts…

(and, we've been married AND business partners for over 22 years!)

We know exactly how to align mind AND body for extraordinary results.

We live it every day, which is why in our 40s and 50s we’re still fierce fitness competitors, models, and sought after performance coaches to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

...Including celebrities such as Regis Philbin, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Gregory Hines, and Howard Stern.

Most importantly, we’ve helped THOUSANDS of committed women and men just like you, produce EXTRAORDINARY results in their lives and with their bodies.

We've Compiled
Body Sculpting & Mindset Strategies
Into One Comprehensive Method

At first, we only shared it privately within our fitness competition community...

They were blown away by their results!

Even today, we receive comments like these...

Not to mention the trophies and ribbons being racked up by our most committed fitness competition clients...

We’re grateful for all the accolades...
It means even more to us than actually winning competitions ourselves.

So what did we do next?

We decided to give our "Fit Mindset Manual" a visual facelift and release it to our private personal training clients.

Candidly, they were a bit skeptical.

But after they tried it, the results they were experiencing were thrilling...

Now It's YOUR TURN...

Now after watching our private clients rack up success after success in fat loss... physique competitions... body sculpting... health restoration... and fitness and age reversal, we’re releasing our breakthrough method to the general public.

Years in the making, we’ve titled this EXTRAORDINARY program...


A Physical & Mental Shift Towards A Younger More Energized Way of Looking, Feeling, and Thinking

  • UNLEASH THE POWER of Your Mind’s Eye to Create the Body of Your Dreams

  • TRIGGER the Exact Physical Results You Want Using Thought

  • AMPLIFY Your Current Results and Take Them to the Next Level

  • SUBCONSCIOUSLY AUTOCORRECT Flaws You Want to Change About Your Appearance

  • REVERSE Premature Aging and Nurture Your Body and Mind Back to a Balanced State

  • ALIGN the Outer With the Inner You

Inside your mind, there is an enormous, untapped power and it’s extremely receptive to your desires and instructions.

However. You must first know how to access and use it.

When it comes to tapping into the power of your mind to help sculpt your dream body, lose weight, and reverse the aging process there has been no “owner’s manual.”


What's Inside

Everything in the Max Mind Lean Body System is designed specifically to change your mindset around your body.

The powerful 30-minute sessions are all about reclaiming your youthful power, destroying limiting beliefs, and developing new physical and mental strength.

The unique compounding effects of the training program will progressively elevate your workout focus and increase your intensity output over a short period of time creating acute and measurable physical changes (transformations) matched by palpable mental shifts.

You’ll move quickly through 3 Progressive Phases:


Phase I is all about laying the foundation and gaining momentum. It’s where you get to dive into the program and strengthen your commitment through action. In this phase you’ll begin conditioning your body.

You’ll feel the invigorating and stimulating effects of increased oxygen flow, brain awakening and the lost rapport with your body beginning to return.


Phase II is about exceeding expectations...your expectations. We already have much higher expectations for you than you have for yourself. We know that after completing the “Mind Map Audio Modules” you’ll have much more in you than you think you do...right now.

In Phase II, you’ll begin to feel yourself getting stronger and see the unwanted body fat melting off and new muscle taking shape.


Phase III is about stretching yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s about reaching even deeper inside and finding that part of you that will not quiet and will no longer tolerate less than all you can be.

In Phase III the real transformation has begun to take shape. It will be time to start investing in some new cloths.

The Unique Rejuvenation portion of the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method is designed to quickly take your revving engine from 10,000 RPMs to coasting downhill within a few short and relaxing breaths...

Performed in just the right way the regular practice of the MMlb Rejuvenation Techniques immediately following the MMlb workout serves to:

  • 1

    Quickly shut down the release of destructive catabolic (negative) hormones like cortisol associated with post-workout trauma...

  • 2

    Begin flooding the cells of the body and brain with rejuvenating oxygen...

  • 3

    Promote the immediate production of the anti-aging mind-body rejuvenating hormones...

    Growth Hormone
    And More...

  • 4

    Relax your “racing brain” and calm your accelerating heart...

  • 5

    Elevate your spirit, refocus your mind...

  • 6

    And massively accelerate your post-workout recovery and rejuvenation for extraordinary results..

Picture yourself in the mirror. Its sometime in the near future and you’ve using the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Rejuvenation Techniques for the past several weeks...

The first thing you notice is that you look less stressed and well rested; you no longer have those tired old bags under your eyes; your skin looks tighter and more vibrant; your eyes look brighter and more alive and you have to admit it, you just look younger! That’s what you’ll experience when you diligently apply the MMlb Rejuvenation Techniques.

Complete Training System Designed
to Get Results FAST!

...and We Took it One Step Further

We have put a lot consideration and detail into developing MAX MIND LEAN BODY and we wanted to make sure that you get a simple, yet comprehensive all-in-one program.

However, ALL-IN-ONE does not mean ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL!

That is why Dawn and I decided to create...

Max Mind Lean Body - Tom & Dawn Terwilliger

Remember what I said earlier?

"Everything in the MAX MIND LEAN BODY System is designed specifically to change your mindset around your body."

While the workout is SIMILAR and the concept around the program is SIMILAR, there are some important subtle differences in phraseology PLUS topics that are specific to men and others for women.

Differences Aside... In Both Versions You Will Discover

  • The 7 Levers to achieving ANY fitness or body goal.

    You need just 4 (not all 7) to achieve massive success!

  • Ways to DRAMATICALLY lower stress levels.

    Did you know stress is the biggest cause of belly fat? That’s right, it’s even worse than fatty foods!

  • Little known secrets to increasing your FOCUS and CLARITY.

  • Using STRUCTURED beliefs to build the body of your dreams.

  • How to stop and then begin reversing PREMATURE AGING and decline.

  • How to DOMINATE your workouts.

  • How to crush the obstacles that keep you from massively increasing your CONFIDENCE and sense of SELF WORTH.

  • The best way to BURN FAT without causing body catabolism (breakdown) and loss of valuable muscle tissue.

  • The reason why you PLATEAU and what to do about it.

  • How to incorporate this "ancient energy art" to TRANSFORM your body’s receptiveness to body sculpting.

  • Learn how to eat such that your NUTRITION PLAN isn’t just about taste, flavor, surviving, or filling a biological need--but rather optimum energy, recovery, repair, growth, and health.

  • STAYING POWER: If you’ve ever been forced to quit something you really wanted to succeed at, you’ll learn how to turn it around and use it to your advantage.

[PLUS] Special Bonuses:
Quickly BOOST Your Results!

Mega Bonus: MMlb Quick Start Guide

Jump Right into the Max Mind Lean Body Program

When you make the decision to commit to the MMlb Method you immediately create massive momentum. There’s nothing like momentum to push you through the finish line.

We created the MMlb Quick Start Guide so you won’t lose that momentum or a single second getting started.

You’ll find the entire MMlb program from start to finish in this easy to use guide. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get rolling.

NOTE: We still recommend you go through the entire MMlb program for the subtle nuances mind map training and special tips of the MMlb Method.

Retail Value: $19

Mega Bonus: MMlb Training Journal

The Best Athletes in the Word Track Their Performance

Tracking your workouts and Rejuvenation sessions is one of the best ways to turbocharge your progress and keep yourself on track.

The MMlb Training Journal is designed specifically for this program and will help you move from Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 faster and stronger than you possibly could without it.

Using the training journal will give you much more confidence as you move forward. It’s your session to session guide to massive weight loss and body sculpting results.

Retail Value: $17

Mega Bonus: Core Dynamics

The Only Core Training Program You’ll Ever Need

The abs are the NUMBER ONE area we all want to improve...right?

The right mindset is the key to getting started and sticking with it but at some point you have to know what it takes to chisel sexy lean core muscles.

The MMlb Core Dynamics System shows you how to use time tested fail proof methods to sculpt and shred your core with just minutes a day.

Retail Value: $29

Mega Bonus: 6 Psychological Stages of Fitness

The Psychology of Becoming fit (or “Fitter”) is NOT an ON/OFF Switch

There are 6 distinct stages. Once you know them, the key is to maximize each stage’s head game for optimum advantage and continued progress.

This bonus is essential to your growth and results... you’ll know how to bypass the typical plateaus most people experience while blindly trying to move from one phase to the other.

Retail Value: $18

Mega Bonus: 3 Keys to Max Mental Fitness

Take Control and Feel More in Power of Your Own Fitness

Many people feel fitness is just about working their body.

Few know the keys to making their mental powers work for them. And those that do, are the WINNERS.

Learn the 3 most important keys to fitness from a mental “leverage” perspective.

Retail Value: $19

Mega Bonus: How to Overcome Intellectual Obstacles

Discover What Athletes Who Perform at the Highest Levels Know

Sports psychology has made its way into the gold, the Olympics, and the Superbowl.

It’s time to integrate their winning mindset strategies into your training. And this special guide shows you how. After discovering these simple secrets you feel ready to leap tall building in a single bound and out run a locomotive. (Although, we don’t suggest you try!)

Retail Value: $14

Mega Bonus: Quantum ROI

How to Capitalize on Your Fitness Return on Investment

Countless men and women hit the gym every day in hopes of a great body. They grab a weight do a few reps then jump on the treadmill. That same night they look in the mirror in disappointment and ask themselves...WHY?

What they don’t know is, they’re missing the smallest but perhaps most important part of the exercise puzzle.

We share with you a simple way to turn every single workout into a calorie burning muscle building monster that won’t cost you a single dime or an additional second of your time.

Retail Value: $21

Mega Bonus: Fitness Tracker Psych-Out

Millions of Men and Women Own a Fitness Tracker. Do You?

We appreciate their fitness ambitions. However, most people do it ALL WRONG!

There’s a way to boost your performance with a fitness tracker and this guide shows you how to use it for optimum advantage.

Retail Value: $16

Mega Bonus: Full 30-Day Access to the MMlb TRIBE

Let's Face It... None Of Us Want Be On This Journey Alone!

Loneliness is one of the major reasons people are unhealthy. However, with the camaraderie, accountability, and connection you'll receive as a MMlb Tribe Insider you will feel supported, motivated, encouraged, and inspired from people all over the world! Connection with other MMlb Tribe Insiders will help you understand your connection between your own mind and body. It's a rewarding experience!

Retail Value: $19
(...but really, it's priceless!)

How Much Is

In today’s world, with the internet literally at our beck and call, it’s easy to Google, “How do I lose weight?” or “How do I build muscle?”

The result?

Half a billion pages of mostly worthless and redundant information, the majority of it just trying get you to look and pay attention.

What a time suck!

As you’ve probably discovered, the vast majority of it is a HUGE waste of time, not mention useless, if not downright HARMFUL to your body.

Actionable, results producing, quality information, from reputable people you can trust like you’ll find in the MAX MIND LEAN BODY System gets buried by the worthless hype.

So here’s a question to ask yourself, how did you come about this page?

Someone most likely endorsed us or sent you here.

You didn’t find it on Google. Instead, someone you respect thought enough of us and you to want to share this information with you.

The MAX MIND LEAN BODY System is the product of over 30 years of education, experimental and applied science as well as blood, sweat, and tears... Not just ours but the fitness champions, models, and everyday people we’ve coached.

  • If you know anything about Dawn and I, you know we’re well known AND RESPECTED in the fitness, weight loss, and personal development communities.
  • We’re not some 20 or 30 something selfie-obsessed, self proclaimed “fitness guru” trying to make as much money as possible on the web with little or NO CREDIBILITY!

We know your challenges and we understand your struggle...we’ve been there!

You may also know we’ve hosted comprehensive $2,500-$5,000 seminars in fancy hotels and shared this methodology from the big stage.

And yes, one hour of our private coaching is valued at more than many people make in a week.

But you won’t be paying that today.

Right now as a part of this comprehensive package, when you click the button below, for a very, very, very limited time the entire MAX MIND LEAN BODY System including all the amazing bonuses is only...

A Younger More Energized Way of Looking, Feeling, and Thinking!

Get BOTH Copies TODAY For Price of One!


YES, we know it’s a bargain, even a bit ridiculous. But that’s not the point.

The real point is we’re using this breakthrough program as a transformational tool. Giving you the information, tools, and resources you need to look and feel your best and radically change your life...

So much so, others can’t help but notice. That will give us the opportunity to reach a lot more people. We want to impact the lives of over 2 million people who are struggling with their weight, feeling old before their time, and searching for a solution.

In other words, we want YOU to be our best testimonial!

60 Day / 30 Complements
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Let’s be clear.

We’re NOT just guaranteeing the accuracy of the information...

We’re NOT just guaranteeing you’ll be satisfied with the program...

And we’re not just guaranteeing you’ll be personally overjoyed with your results (the results that have been eluding you for so long)...

We’re guaranteeing you get 30 sincere unsolicited complements (or more) regarding your extraordinary results in less than 60 days.

You have a full 60 days, that’s two solid months, to put MAX MIND LEAN BODY to the test.

We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with the program, overjoyed with the results, loving the complements and ready to share it with others or just drop us an email for a FULL REFUND. It’ll be quick and there won’t be any hassles whatsoever.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

The older we get the more valuable our time becomes.

Supply and demand, right?

You don’t want to waste your precious time applying information that’s unproven, useless or harmful, do you?

No way!

You don’t even want to mess around with something that “MIGHT work,” because odds are, it could undo much of your progress or set you back even further.

Been there, done that. Talk about discouraging.

Instead, you want to invest your time applying the “success-certain” information that has won a Mr. America title, built a Mr. Olympia-worthy body and secured countless modeling contracts.

...And has helped THOUSANDS of our students, customers, and private clients win competitions, fitness modeling gigs, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and mindset outside of the gym.

For the price of a movie ticket and a box of popcorn, you can be making great strides in transforming your mind and body right now!

  • Torch ugly, stubborn, unhealthy fat...

  • Sculpt sexy, lean muscle...

  • Add a new power to your brain - "Empower Mode"...

  • Create unstoppable momentum that even when your body starts to plateau, you'll know exactly what to do to breakthrough...

We’re not going to kid you. None of this happens by accident. None of this is “effortless.”

There are some self proclaimed “FITNESS GURUS” out there that want you to believe you can look and feel great with only a few minutes a day and little or no effort.

They will even tell you “You Should Exercise Less”...

You’re smart and experienced enough not to believe that crap, even though you may want to. You and I both know there is going to be some effort involved.

The real key is to change your mindset so that even the effort feels less like work and more like fun...

With the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Psychology You'll Quickly Progress

(AND, it may even be enjoyable. EVEN FUN!)

Yes, even the occasional lactic acid burn gives you the silent satisfaction of knowing you’re toning muscle, strengthening your mind, building new power, and creating a kick ass body that won’t quit.

The most exciting, the most satisfying part?

Is when you look in the mirror. YES!

You owe it to yourself to experience this! (Instead of feeling old or disappointed.)

Right Now For a Moment, Close Your Eyes and

Let a Future "Training Day" Unfold...

  • You wake up after a full night’s sleep, EXCITED and energized about the day ahead. You’ve discovered the rejuvenating effect of a special kind of undisturbed sleep that gives you an abundance-oriented mindset upon waking.
  • At your bedside are your workout clothes, ready, willing and waiting to be put to use. Not a moment is wasted, or second thought given, you’re on autopilot--UNSTOPPABLE!
  • You’re now getting your workout in for the day... instead of putting it off or not getting to it at all. (And you feel FANTASTIC.)
  • Using the success-certain principles you’ve assimilated from the Max Mind Lean Body Method, your mind is laser focused. Time flies and before you know it, your workout is over.
  • It’s time for rejuvenation. You take a few minutes to center your mind and body, then you’re onto your day with energy and ambition.
  • In your bathroom, you look in the mirror and a silent smile comes across your face. You’re so tempted to take a selfie... then what the heck, you go for your cell phone and snap a couple, vowing they’re for your eyes only. (You want to capture the moment forever)
  • You go about your day with 7 times the energy you had just a short six weeks ago. People don’t know where it comes from. (But *you* do!)
  • That night, you go out to dinner with a few friends. You’re the center of attention, as they marvel how you’ve changed and in just a short amount of time. (It makes you feel incredible inside...)
  • It’s been a few years since you attracted the attention from the opposite sex, but at the restaurant, two eyes meet yours across a crowded room. You’ve gotten used to people’s friendly smiles and advances again.
  • Then later that night as you drift off to sleep, you reflect on your day and how grateful you are. As you slowly shut down, you pre-program your mind for making tomorrow even more amazing...

And that’s just a regular, ordinary day!

Let's Recap What's Included in

Limited Time Offer

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Now: $37

In Closing,

There's a Story I Remember
Hearing as a Kid...

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a son born with a horrible deformity.

He had a severe hunchback.

Even though he was just a young boy, this Prince asked his Father if he could make for him a statue of what he would look like WITHOUT his grotesque deformity.

The King was shocked at the request. It broke his heart, but the young Prince was persistent. He begged his Father.

Eventually, the King agreed and commissioned one of the Kingdom’s sculptors to create the statue.

Once finished, sculpture was life-size and painstakingly detailed, depicting what the handsome Prince would look like on his 21st birthday... without his deformity.

Every day from that moment on, no matter how much pain it would cause, the young, hope-filled Prince would stand in front of the statue and stretch and stretch, trying to stand just like the statue.

At first, the King would silently weep watching his son try to stand tall. He felt like the gods were playing a cruel joke on him.

But then the King noticed something miraculous happening...

Day by day, he detected subtle, almost imperceptible changes in his son.

The stretching seemed to be making a difference!

Week after week, the King would notice his son standing a little straighter, a little taller.

And on his 21st birthday, the entire Kingdom celebrated.

The young Prince was now a man. A handsome young man. A handsome young man looking exactly like his statue... without a hint of a hunchback.

As a boy, struggling with self image issues, that story had a profound impact on me.

I imagined myself as a tall, handsome, athletic young man, and I went to work doing everything I could to match that internal image with what I ultimately saw in the mirror.

The “tall” part never happened but the rest is Mr. America history.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are you can have the body of your dreams... you can lose the unwanted weight, get incredibly fit, compete in a Mud Run or a Spartan Race, rock a fitness competition... or just look freaking awesome in those form fitting jeans.

Whatever it is YOU want...

With the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method, You NOW have the key.

(but only for a limited time!)

Your friends in MIND, BODY & Strength of WILL,

P.S. There’s one thing we haven’t talked much about and that’s goal setting.

If you think The MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method is just another goal setting program, you will be disappointed.

We’re not saying goal setting isn’t important. It is. After all I’ve written a #1 bestselling book on the subject titled, 7 Rules of Achievement

But there are even more powerful mental tools than just setting goals. And they’re easier to apply as well.

I encourage you to try MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method. It’s the foundation for our life’s work and legacy and it works!

And we want to get it into your hands, no matter what.

We’ve packaged it with some extraordinary additional information and tools and have made you an irresistible offer, given you an extraordinary price, and backed up everything we say with an unconditional guarantee.

It’s waiting for you now... your dream body, that is. If you give it a chance.

If you’ve plateaued, if you’re stuck, ready to give up, or just bored maybe the problem is how you’re thinking about the situation...or your body.

Change the thinking and everything else will change as a result.

MAX MIND LEAN BODY can give you the breakthrough you’re looking for.

When you make the decision today to purchase the Complete MAX MIND LEAN BODY System along with all the Amazing Bonuses in the next few minutes minutes, you’ll receive both the Men’s and the Women’s version for the same one-time price of only...

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Now: $37

There’s a good chance there’s someone special in your life that could
also benefit from this amazing program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the product be delivered?

As soon as you complete the simple and fast order process you will immediately receive a download link in your email in box. The download link will lead you directly to the entire digital MAX MIND LEAN BODY program including all the amazing bonuses.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

The entire MAX MIND LEAN BODY System and all the bonuses are digital and will be delivered directly to your email in box so there is no shipping or handling cost to you.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely. We want you to be 100% satisfied not just with the quality and content of the MAX MIND LEAN BODY program but also with your RESULTS. If within 60 days you are only 99.9% satisfied we will return your investment with only one question. “How can we improve our product?”

Do I need a lot of training and exercise experience to implement the exercise portion of the program?

Some experience can only help you move towards your weight loss and body sculpting goals faster but it’s not at all necessary. The MAX MIND LEAN BODY System is designed to be easily implemented even if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE.

When do most people start to see real results?

Every individual is different and obviously results will vary but most people begin experiencing serious results by the middle of stage 2 at around the 6 week mark.

I’m in my early 50s am I too old for this program or to expect results from any program?

Absolutely not. The first thing the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method will do is change your entire mindset around “Being Too OLD.” Beyond that, the exercise and nutrition components of the program will not only educate you on a new and more empowering mindset but give you the basic tools, rules, and strategies for making the absolute most of this exciting 2nd half.

Is the MAX MIND LEAN BODY System just another goal setting program with a little exercise and diet thrown in?

Absolutely not. Identifying your desired outcome and using the MMlb System as your plan for achieving it is only a small fraction of the entire program. It goes much deeper than that. Above and beyond the actual nutrition and training methodology the program is designed to help you rewire the way you think about your body, weight loss and your ability to develop physical strength well into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

I’m a woman and want to get leaner not bigger. Will I develop too much muscle on the program?

You can put on as much muscle as you want and not a pound more. You have all the control. The program is all about you taking back and owning your power. You decide to what level of intensity you implement the training system and that will determine how much or how little muscle you develop. Most importantly you will lose a lot of body fat.

How does the program help me “re-program my mindset” for better, faster, and effective long term results?

It’s no secret that your attitude will determine your aptitude and ultimately your results. Dawn and I also believe your attitude is determined by your over-arching mindset around your body, health, fitness, and aging. The program uses the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, NLP, and hypnosis to fundamentally change the way you think about all those things.

How is the WOMEN’S version of the program different than the MEN’S?

Both the women’s and the men’s version of the MAX MIND LEAN BODY Method are similar in many respects. However we recognize the fundamental structural, hormonal, and objective differences between men and women and purposely took the time to develop two very distinct versions of the program so not to ignore but rather to better serve those differences.

Attention Over 40 Men & Women

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Attention Over 40 Men & Women

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