We can tell you without hesitation, from both experience and sports science evidence:


...Especially Over Age 40!

I’ll give you THE SECRET few fully appreciate...

Call it mind over matter, call it “unconscious navigation,” call it magic, or call it whatever you want.

But the fact is, your mind is the
most powerful “muscle” you possess.

We’ve discovered how to maximize it... to move you towards the body of your dreams.

With the right mindset, you can reduce your time and effort and MULTIPLY your results. Be it fitness, body sculpting, weight loss, or super abundant energy and health.

And today, we’re not only going to prove it, we’re going to give you THE MINDSET STRATEGY that makes it all work when it comes to melting fat and building lean muscle.

Burning Ugly Unwanted Fat
+ Sculpting Lean Sexy Muscle

About ten years ago, as a result of doing extensive research on mindset and motivation, We tripped across a fascinating new study. One that would go on to TOTALLY TRANSFORM our lives--as well as the lives (and bodies) of thousands of our clients.

Here’s the crux of this intriguing Harvard University double-blind study:

84 Female room attendants (maids), working in seven different hotels, were brought together for something that had never been done before.

The study’s goal?

To CONCLUSIVELY identify “the relationship between exercise, health... and your mindset.”

In other words, the study’s goal was to uncover whether your mind alone could MEASURABLY INCREASE your body’s health and fitness... and the overall effectiveness of physical activity.

The room attendants were rigorously measured on several physiological health variables affected by exercise.

Here was the key:

Those room attendants in the “informed condition” group were told “cleaning hotel rooms was good exercise and satisfied even exceeded the Surgeon General’s recommendations for an active lifestyle.”

They were provided with examples of how their work was indeed exercise.

Now, the subjects in the “control group?” They were not given ANY of this critical information.

The unexpected outcome of the study?

You’re going to be astonished. (Just like we were.)

Although their actual behavior or level of activity did not change, JUST FOUR WEEKS after the MINDSET intervention, the informed group perceived themselves to be getting SIGNIFICANTLY MORE exercise than before.

How could that be?

And get this: Their results were INDEPENDENT OF THEIR ACTUAL EXERCISE.

Stated differently, they were getting
fitter, slimmer and healthier JUST BY

Wow! Given our experience in fitness and physique competitions and whole health peak performance, we always knew in the back of our minds this “Mindset” thing was true. Now we had more proof.

But it couldn’t possibly be this simple... could it?

Could just having “the right mindset” help you achieve the fat loss, fitness and health goals you’ve always wanted?

And if so, what’s “the exact mindset” these room attendant’s had that made such a radical difference?